American Fur Mart
    "American Fur Mart" !
American Fur Mart
 warehouse capacity is over 12500 s/f and over 3000 furs in stock at any giving time. Today find one of the largest selections of fur,
shearlings and leather garments under one roof. Thousands to choose from!
All fur,  / trim fur is at is best at the American Fur Mart, our fur coats, fur jackets, fur scarfs, fur hats, and fur trims are the world’s finest
because we start with the most luxurious fur skins, leather skins, fabrics and marry them with American Fur Mart
unmatched sewing expertise
and fur knowledge. While most fur is made from skins ,
American Fur Mart only uses top quality skins to ensure that our fur is the softest, most realistic,
and most luxurious furs available.
American Fur Mart  works hand in hand with our skin dressers to ensure that every fur skin is dressed to perfection and
that its unique properties (color, pile, density, and perfect matched) on each fur coat, fur jacket, or fur throw it is designed for. In our workroom, master
cutters furriers prepare each fur piece, one at a time, meticulously gauging where each fur pelt line must fall on the finished fur garment. After hours and
hours of hand finishing, the result is a spectacular fur coat, fur jacket, fur scarf, fur hats or fur accessory that will make you look and feel beautiful for many
years to come. It has taken over 24 years for
American Fur Mart to create the world’s finest fur. While there are countless fur garments on the market,
none offer the impeccable quality of American Furs.
American Fur Mart takes great pride in offering the most beautiful and realistic fur products available
anywhere. And clearly, others have noticed.
American Fur Mart has been featured their furs in television programs, news paper and magazines. The best
fur industry could offer. Fashion, quality, quantity style and prices. But the greatest satisfaction American Fur Mart takes is knowing that we have created a
beautiful, unique product that has enabled thousands of women and men to look and feel glamorous and remarkably fashionable. And together we do so
affordable and beautiful, why settle for anything less than
American Fur Mart Furs.
Shearling Jackets
"Shipskin jackets"
American Fur Mart
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